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Rajesh Kochhar [SMTP:rkk at NISTADS.RES.IN] skrev 2. desember 2000 08:18:
> How can genetic evidence  say anything about an invasion? Also,since the
 Vedic tradition was patrilineal any meaningful comparison with genetic
data would be possible if the genetic markers used in the study are derived
from the father side rather than the mother side.
> Whosoever said ignorance is bliss surely had in mind the  genetic
scientist's  highly desirable ignorance about ancient Indian history.

I suggest you consider the influx of Europeans into the following areas in
recent times: Africa, the Americas, and Australia. Provided that Europeans
are genetically different in some respects from the various natives in the
areas, genetic evidence should tell us something. But all these invasions
are historically so recent that we only need to use our eyes to see the
evidence. Fancy science is hardly necessary. If we now assume that, say,
the white population of Africa starts interbreeding with the black popul
ation and goes on doing this for the next 3000 years, at the end of that
period we might need fancy science to "discover" the invasion.

As for the patrilinear aspect, I don't quite get your point.

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