History of Mughalstan

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Thu Aug 31 11:37:03 UTC 2000

>As I feared, this thread is becoming an excuse for religious
>propaganda, so I've had enough of it. But I do want to point out a
>few more tendentious misrepresentations:

Well, you obviously didn't have enough of it. Why make a pretense
to prove otherwise?

Well, I for one, am hardly interested in religious propaganda. I believe
in the old Brahmin ideal which doesn't share religion too easily. But if you
seek to misrepresent it, don't expect me to keep silent.

>Well, I did read in your message:

<< In Indian history there's not much evidence that *people*
identifed themselves as nations like it was in Europe.>>

That was only a comment in passing and was not the main point in the

>Don't be too sure, and don't idealise India so quickly. Just have a
>look at what is happening right now in India: Assam, Kashmir, or a
>terrorist Tamilian outfit that this very moment demands that
>Karnataka recognise Tamil as the second official language of
>Karnataka (spoken by approx. 3% there).

Underline the word "right now". And the people and the regions I'm talking
about are exclusively Indic/Hindu - Hindu rulers and subjects. The recent
secessionist movements orchastrated by Islamic and Christian interests, are
beyond the scope of my argument.

>Would this be possible in Europe? Would the French have tolerated the
>British as rulers or vice versa?

>Yes: the royal family of the Netherlands is originally German; the
>royal family of Sweden is originally French; etc. etc.

But did they become kings and queens through conquests and did people
accept them that way?

>Once upon a time there was the Roman empire too...

Which was never accepted willingly by the peoples it ruled.

>I have lived in North America, Europe and in India (16 years of adult
>life). Perhaps you should learn a bit more about Europe, if not live
>there, before you make pronouncements about that part of the
>world and make comparisons with India, if I may make this modest
>suggestion. Bluff doesn't always work.

I've lived in Europe for a couple of years and in America for more than
four years. Ofcourse I wouldn't be too bold in my pronouncements for
there's the ever present risk of too much generalization. But in my
opinion the ideals on which the societies in the West rest, are not too
conducive to spirituality (atleast spirituality as an Indian would view
it - and this is not my individual opinion - 9 out of 10 Indians will
say the same thing). And mainstream popular culture is ever widening the

>You did not hear that from me.

"Is it not a fact that there have been bloody wars all over South Asia
throughout all of its history, irrespective of what myth-makers have
said about 'spiritual' 'Vedic' tendencies etc.?"
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