History of Mughalstan

Rustam Masalewala masalewala at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 30 23:56:16 UTC 2000

Anand M. Sharan,

>1. Bakhtiar Khilji , when he captured Bihar, burnt the Nalanda University

Excuse me, was there a library spared? You talk of Nalanda as if that was
the only one destroyed.

>2. Allauddin Khilji had imposed one of the heaviest taxes on his subjects.

That greatly minimizes what happened. A large number
of people, both ordinary and noble, were taken into
slavery, flooding the slave markets.

I have seen an estimate that a third of India's
population perished in the first 2-3  centuries
of Islamic expansion.

>3. Malik Kaafoor had destroyed temples in South India .

Were they spared in North? Is there one that the
conquerers did not destroy in the area conquered?

However it must be said that India was luckier
than Iran where devastation was almost total,
leaving only a trace of the past.



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