Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 24 10:58:37 UTC 2000

Dear list members,

I need the dates (western calendar) for Shivaratri for the years 2001 and
2002 for the location of New York (and unfortunately I don't have a Panchang
that goes that far).  Could any of the list members supply me this as I need
it in the next day or two.

Also my understanding is that the rule for the date is that it is that day
on which midnight occurs on the 14 tithi in the dark half of mAgha.  What is
the rule if:
a) It is a short tithi and the entire tithi falls between two midnights.
b) It is a long tithi and two midnights occur on the tithi.

Many thanks,

Harry Spier
371 Brickman Rd.
Hurleyville, New York
USA 12747

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