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>What has worked out recently for the ruling party are
>strategic regional alliances and the stability card. People in tamil nadu
>voted for the BJP even though they would
>not have them at the state level.
>  In any case the BJP is not a bastion for brahmanism.

As Dr. Vidyasankar Sundaresan said, the reality is more complicated and
different. Check out the following web sites. The first URL is supported by
the later ones, almost
as expanded footnotes. The second half of the Outlook article follows the
piece about West Bengal. What should be of interest to Indologists is the
move away from the emphasis on the Grand Sanskritic tradition.

Outlook Magazine's FOCUS section Dec 6, 1999.
"Southward, the Tide - Tamil Nadu was supposed to be the antipode of the
BJP. Now, times are visibly changing."


The Rediff Interviews:

1. Dr J Jeyaranjan, social scientist at the Madras Institute of Development


2. Ramagopalan, President of the Hindu Munnani.


3. Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, the Shankaracharya of the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti
Peetam, Kanchipuram,


News Items:

1. The Hindu's "Talk of the town"

"DMK leader Mr. M. K. Stalin and the Kanchi Acharyas"


2. Rediff says "Karunanidhi turns pro-brahmin as caste war flares up in TN



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