Migration of Indus Valley People

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Sun Aug 20 15:17:10 UTC 2000

Dear Prof. Sharan,

Long ago, P.L.Samy, I.A.S., published articles and a book
on the signs among tribes in Tamil Nadu and Kerala
who resemble very much like the Indus valley script signs.

P. L. Samy, Tamil nATTil CintuveLi ezuttOviyam,
Chennai: Cekar patippakam, 1984, 96 p.
(available in major South Asia collections across USA).

Subsequently, in other sites in Tamil Nadu, the ivc-like
signs  have also been found. For example, in the mountains
near PerumukkUTal in Arcot district.

P.L.Samy, a relative of L.D.Swamikannu Pillai who
compiled the monumental Indian Ephemeris comparing
several panchAngams, inscriptions in all of India
comapring all the Indian calenders, passed away just a few
months ago.

Reading the sangam texts, P.L.Samy decades ago theorized
that Skanda-Murukan is not a youthful deity, but
rather caused diseases to children or love-sickness
on young girls (cf. caGka ilakkiyattil murukan2). This
compares well with the MBh. mentioning about Skanda.
Using Samy's approach, Iravatham Mahadevan has interpreted
a major IVC sign as Murukan(=Skanda-Subrahmanya) recently.

I. Mahadevan, 'Murukan' in the Indus script,
p. 21-40. J. Inst. of Asian studies (Madras),
vol. XVI, no. 2, March 1999.

Once, Prof. Parpola asked me to send the writings
by P.L.Samy. I am confidant that when Thiru.
Samy's findings get into the Indian studies discipline,
hypotheses will have to be reworked.

N. Ganesan

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