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Hi Dominik --
Several people have picked up on the INSAP announcement from the Indology
e-mail -- one from as far away as Nepal! So we did reach an interested group.
If you think it appropriate (and your normal practice) could you mention the
meeting again on your e-mail list? We seem to be finding interest there.
Thanks --

Palermo (Sicily), Italy -- December 31, 2000-January 6, 2001
Dear Colleague:
We wish to inform you of the up-coming Third International Conference on
The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena ("INSAP III"). This meeting will
explore mankind's fascination with the sky by day and by night, which has
been a strong and often dominant element in human life and culture. The
conference will provide a meeting place for artists and scholars from a
variety of disciplines (including Archaeology and Anthropology, Art and Art
History, Classics, History and Prehistory, the Physical and Social
Sciences, Mythology and Folklore, Philosophy, and Religion) to present and
discuss their studies of the influences that astronomical phenomena have
had on mankind.
The first two meetings (Castel Gandolfo, 1994; Malta, 1999) successfully
brought together for the first time people from just such a range of
disciplines to address topics of common interest. Papers from the first
meeting were published in "Vistas in Astronomy" (1995) and in "Leonardo"
(1996), and those from the second will appear shortly in book form. These
papers (described on our Website under "the First (or Second) INSAP
Conference") give an idea of the range of subjects presented at these
meetings. A similar publication is planned for the third meeting.
The meeting will be held overlooking the Mediterranean, a few minutes from
the center of Palermo, and will start with a New Year's Eve (and Millennium
Eve) banquet December 31, 2000. The meeting rooms will include ample space
for display (and sale) of works of art by attendees.
Full information on INSAP III and on the earlier conferences, and an
application form for the upcoming meeting, can be found on our Website
( or obtained from the
undersigned. Attendance will be by invitation from among those applying.All
presentations and discussions will be in English.
This Conference is sponsored by the Palermo Observatory, the Vatican
Observatory, and the Steward Observatory, and is hosted by the Palermo
Observatory as part of the bicentennial of the discovery there of the first
asteroid, Ceres, on the nights of January 1-3, 1801.
Please circulate or post this announcement.
Prof. Salvatore Serio, Palermo Observatory (Chair, Local Organizing
Committee) (insap3 at
Dr. Rolf M. Sinclair, Chevy Chase MD (International Organizing Committee)
(rolf at
Prof. Raymond E. White, Steward Observatory (International Organizing
Committee) (REWhite1933 at

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