Rajaram's admittance--S. Farmer

Steve Farmer saf at SAFARMER.COM
Fri Aug 18 01:41:09 UTC 2000

Haridas C writes:

> Could you please do the list a favor by reproducing
> the exact spot in your mini-List where Rajaram
> "finally revealed" that he enhanced the image by
> computer, and in doing so, deliver the coup de grace
> to Rajaram's bull?

Basta with Rajaram! To mix metaphors a bit: The bull and
decipherment are already dead horses. Even Rajaram's defenders
have abandoned them by now. (Rajaram, however, continues to
defend them.) The most recent review of the data (minus data on
Rajaram's inflated credentials) is posted at:


You can get to M. Witzel's article on the decipherment at:


In both cases, hit "refresh" or "reload" on your browser, or you
will just load any old version from your browser cache.

To your question: Rajaram's exact words, emailed to me, K. Elst,
M. Witzel, and many others on 30 July, were:

> We provide a computer enhancement and an artist’s reproduction to
> facilitate our reading.

Note that this came long *after* the charge of computer
manipulation had already been made by me and others. The
decipherment and "horse-seal" issues go hand in hand, since
Rajaram offers a reading of the seal inscription (which carries a
picture of a unicorn bull) that specifically speaks of the
(non-existent) horse!

Some of this will eventually be discussed in print.

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