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Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Aug 13 15:27:19 UTC 2000

>>Modern Indologists show that no horse or sanskrit are visible
>>through their research in the India of the ivc age. How will
>>they entice certain prominent members of the Indian ruling elites

First of all, flattery and 'enticing' is not exactly our job description:
Research, presenting the Universitas litterarum, 'even' Veritas (official
motto here),  not PR. --
Nor is 'enticing' always appreciated by the 'ruling elites'. Some of them,
at least, are clever enough to distinguish PR, Bull(s) / Horse tale(s) from
genuine research efforts.  And are used to sycophants any day.

'Even' students see through this: I remember the case of one student of
Indian extraction (now tenured), who left because of a strong feeling that
there was too much of, quote, "just praising of India"...

>Rajaram & co. are part of India's ruling elites?? That is
>news to me, and to many others on this list.

To many, but not to all!

Rajaram recently boasted to some of us that he has many friends in the
Indian Government and that the Union Government has "advised" the National
Book Trust to bring out his "popular  book"  'From Sarasvati River to the
Indus Script' in English and thirteen  other languages." (Sanskrit seems to
be missing? -- I hope the Book Trust will at least fill in the article!)

May Sarasvati --the goddess--  help India!

Or better, Manjusri, with his jnaanakhaDga...
(not the Houston/Texas one, obviously).
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