Hindu names for Kashmiri Muslims

Rajesh Kochhar rkk at NISTADS.RES.IN
Fri Aug 11 07:17:16 UTC 2000

There are many instances of Muslims' retaining their pre-conversion
(high-caste) surnames even after coversion.That is how you have Bhats and
D(h)ars among Muslims. The Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi has a  Punjabi
surname.There was a Pakistani journal during the Bangla Desh war , Rao
Farman Ali;Rao denotes his Ahir caste.More generally,  Khatris converting to
Islam have been called Khojas.

 Rajesh Kochhar

>The idea that the Nehrus were Muslims seems pretty absurd to me, but I
>want to take issue with one contention:
><<A Muslim cannot have the surname `Gandhi' or `Nehru', they are
>definitely forbidden. It would have to be changed to Shaikh
>on conversion.>>
>Whether it's forbidden or not, I have met or read of Kashmiri Muslims
>with what one would usually consider Hindu family names, such as Bhat,
>or even Shaiva.  Whether their families were recent converts or not I
>would not know.
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