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Thu Aug 10 01:32:07 UTC 2000

All conquests/genocides/suppression of cultures/religions should be studied
carefully, with records from both sides carefully recorded and examined.

There have been several holocausts and genocides. People
ought to carefully study the ones that occurred in
Iran and India as well as in other places. Scholars should study the
ideologies that caused such events to happen. They ought to discuss if such
ideologies have the potential to cause these to happen again.

nanda chandran [SMTP:vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 7. august 2000 12:35:

>Do white children in America study in their text books >that their
>ancestors commited genocide on the native >Indian population?

Yes, they do, as they should.

>Or do English children know that their current wealth >is a result of
>systematic loot of countries like India?

It could be, but evidence suggests that regions administered by the British
in India generally were
more prosperous that the native ruled territories.
Wealth is automatically generated in well administered regions.

Incidentally the Sword-of-Truth stuff on Feroze
Gandhi is mostly nonsense.



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