vasudhaiva ku.tumbakam revisited

Sven Ekelin ekelin at BAHNHOF.SE
Wed Aug 9 09:15:30 UTC 2000

On August 7, 2000, Jan E.M. Houben wrote

     >The Mahopani.sad occurs in P. Deussen´s 60 Upani.sads of the
     >Veda /.../ but is there much shorter than in the MLBD volume.
     >The first verses are similar, but the verse with vasudhaiva ...
     >is missing.

Ergo, the camps that want to establish

     >a sufficiently "ancient" Vedic source for the phrase
      (Peter Freund on August 4, 2000)

must not only consider the age of the MahopanoSad in itself, but also
the age of the passage, which is perhaps part of a later addition.

Deussen´s translation (*Sechzig Upanishad´s des Veda*, Leipzig 1897)
appears (p. 538 - 539) to be based on the edition of G. A. Jacob:
*Eleven ÂtharvaNa Upanishads with Dîpikâs*. *Bombay Sanskrit Series*
# 40. 1891, (2)1916.

According to Deussen, MahopaniSad belongs to the generally
acknowledged UpaniSads of the Atharvaveda (p. 543), and it is the
oldest of the âtharvaNa vaiSNava UpaniSads (p. 743, n.1).

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