Indian Govt's stand on AI... you know what

Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Tue Aug 8 04:56:37 UTC 2000

Here is the so call hindu govts stand on ancient indian history.
Ther has been much ado about the contents of the sword of truth website.
I would lke to remind members that I was the first person to draw attantion
to this site on this list to get another sample reading of rajarams. I knew
fully well the the paranoid reactionary rhetoric that it would draw from the
indology crowd. It is simply a right wing article and does not connote some
brahmanical conspiracy to take over the world.
Maybe the title "sword of truth is too melodramatic" but its cotents are
nothing more than run of the mill rhetoric which is quite common and natural
for a populace which needs to vent its feelings in response to terrorist
attacks, uneducated politicians and whatever else. Right wingers in the US
are much less surreptitious/uninhibited, draw far less flak and dont have to
resort to sites like sword of truth. No country in the world faces such a
terrorist threat as india. Russia went to war because some apts were bombed.
The indian govt is negotiating with the hizb mujahideen after the recent
massacre of  hindus. There was a confidence building cricket match between
the army and the militants. Now there are some signs of the talks failing
and a lot of posturing. Its an ongoing joke if anything.

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