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Francisco Caravana francisco.caravana at CLIX.PT
Mon Aug 7 13:33:28 UTC 2000

Myabe I should rephrase my statement:

"I don't think that it affects anyone's personality [in a negative way] to
know the truth, I didn't stop loving my country because of that."

The nearer you are from the truth the further you are from Maayaa. In that
way , maybe truth is god , if we see moksha as the elimination of maayaa and
union with the purusha. Therefore the seeker-finder of truth becoming god
,and truth being god in itself.
 [I'm only 18 and a regular kid if i'm saying an abomination don't shoot me
on the spot :) I'm here to learn.]

Francisco Caravana

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Subject: truth is god

> Mahatma Gandhi modified the well-known saying God is truth to make a
> profound statement. If we adhere to truth, then we shall become a role
> and source of strength to other truth-seekers.
> Rajesh Kochhar
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> From: Francisco Caravana <francisco.caravana at CLIX.PT>
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> Subject: Re: SV: Rajaram's bull
> >> Or do school books in Spain teach Spanish children about the
> >> genocide of the Incas by their ancestors? Or the brutalities
> >> inflicted on non-believers in the name of inquisition. The same
> >
> >
> >As a Portuguese member of the list I must say that we do, from the 5th
> grade
> >on (10-11 years of age) we learn about the "autos de fé" (burnings) the
> >injustice of inquisition  trials, the slave trade, the killing of whole
> >cultures, the selling of indulgences by the catholic church (we are a
> mostly
> >catholic country) etc.. etc... on our school history books.
> >
> >That did't happen before 1974, but then we had a fascist "nationalist"
> >government.
> >
> >I don't think that it affects anyone's personality to know the truth, I
> >didn't stop loving my country because of that.
> >
> >Francisco Caravana
> >
> >Portugal

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