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>No one claimed it was. Apparently, you read very selectively, since I have
>been repeating the errors of Europeans and Westerners ad nauseam.

Why talk of objective scholarship then?

>I'll leave this to the Americans to answer.

Evasion 1.

>Again, I'll leave this to the Spanish or Portuguese members of the list.

Evasion 2.

>German bookstore are full of books on the holocaust. I don't know the
>curriculum in German schools, but there is no lack of information about
>Nazi history in German society. Those who are in denial for ideological
>reasons are not so for lack of information.

But do they teach of the holocaust in schools? Doesn't look like they've
learnt anything from it, given the rising spectre of neo-nazism in the

>Stalin's crimes were already denounced by Krustchev (pardon the probably
>erronous spelling) in 1956. But you probably don't have to tell the
>Russians about it in the schools. It is still within living memory.

Living memory isn't enough. Is it publicly accepted? Is it in school

>And that the Indians have had half a century to set things right?

Is 50 years enough to set right 200 years of looting? In two hundred
years all local industry had been decimated and the populace rendered
illiterate and helpless. Caught in the vicious cycle of population +
poverty + unemployment, is it that easy to recover?

>If children are starving in Indian today, the British are not to blame.

If you know your economics and sociology, you'll understand why
the Brits are the root cause of the current misery in India. Plus
as a parting gift they have left behind ideologies to divide the

>The Indian politicians have to carry that responsibility themselves.

This bunch themselves - most of them thugs - are a product of Brit
cunning and Indian naivete. What meaning has democracy in a country
where half the population is illiterate?

>No protesting native Americans in America? Don't you read the papers?

But what can they do about it? Nothing. Probably get more gambling rights
for their reservations. Also see the attempts to prove that whites lived in
America even before the Indians! I don't see anybody learning anything,
accepting anything!

>I'll leave this to the British members of the list.

Evasion 3.

>All this things are well known. Ever heard about Robin Hood and his merry
>men fighting the evil Normans?

But is that taught as serious history? Why not teach a serious version
of it in English schools?

>Are they making that claim?

Oh, haven't you heard about the civilizational mission of the Empire?

>As you would have noticed if you had read the papers, the Scots and the
>Welsh have acquired a certain autonomy lately. And that the IRA are on the
>verge of making peace.

Let them learn their true history. Then see whether they'll settle for

>Every objection you raise only proves your ignorance.

After evading most of my questions, you've the gall the make this statement.
So typical!

>Whether Europe is unmatched for barbarism is of course a matter of debate,
>but I have certainly not claimed that we were pillars of uprightness.

How can you, when there's hardly any ground for that claim!

>I suggest that you do some serious reading - perhaps take a history course
>- before you raise this sort of objections.

Better heed your own advice.
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