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--- Samar Abbas <abbas at IOPB.RES.IN> wrote:
> Luis Gonzalez-Riemann is perfectly right in his last
> post. In addition,
> Rajaram himself belongs to Nehru's caste.
> The Banias only played a secondary role in this
> movement. There is in fact
> no anti-Bania site - nobody attacks Banias anywhere
> on the internet as
> "backbone of Hindutva".

The Brahmins of the Cow Belt in the 50's and 60's were
staunch supporters of the Congress. The BJP was
supported by urban and semi urban bania's. Evidently
BJP's support has become more broadbased now as is
evident from their electoral gains.

It can't just be that the BJP has become much more
attractive for the middle castes as Prof Gupt has
suggested. I'm sure we have to factor in the rising
disenchantment of the middle classes with Nehruvian
socialism, increased urbanization plus the
availability, from the early 80's, of a national
network television with an explicit message of
consumerism and an implicit message of homogenization.

As to your other point, the ideologues of many parties
have been brahmin. For example, P Sundarayya and EMS
Namboodiripad were communist ideologues.

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