SV: Rajaram's "horse seal"

Arun Gupta suvidya at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Aug 2 13:33:01 UTC 2000

Lars Martin Fosse <lmfosse at ONLINE.NO> wrote:

>Rajaram is a different cup of tea. Having read a couple of his books, I
>could easily show how he manipulates research data in a flourish of
>rhetorical language to defame and vilify Western scholars while promoting
>views and interpretations that are, to be polite, intellectually weak. If
>his manipulation of the "horse" seal wouldn't have drummed him out of
>Academia, his books certainly would.

It is a good hope [ drummed out of Academia ] but unlikely to happen.
History is used to argue both for and against India's nationhood; and that
argument can even be quite violent, as you are aware if you follow the news.
So, history is politicized, and that pollutes Academia.

Fraud of a similar kind ( false and misleading conclusions from a
statistical model) and far greater consequence has been perpetrated by the
psychometrians ("The Bell Curve") and none of them has been drummed out of
[US] academia to my knowledge.  In fact, they occupy tenured positions in
many major US universities.

-arun gupta

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