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Mark Froelich mfroelic at MAILER.FSU.EDU
Sat Oct 30 20:57:31 UTC 1999

Hello -

     I am translating and comparing, from the Sanskrit, two versions of
the 'subhuuti-avadaana' edited by J. S. Speyer (and Vaidya).  One of these
versions is the 91st avadaana from the avadaana"sataka, and the other,
which is an elaborate, poetic paraphrase, makes up the 10th chapter of the

     I have 2 questions:

     1.)  Could anybody direct me to previous ENGLISH renderings of parts
of these works (the avadaana"sataka or the kalpadrumaavadaanamaalaa)?  As
far as I know, neither has been rendered (in entirety) into English,
though I have the Ava-"sat in Sanskrit, French, Vietnamese, and Korean.
(I hear it's also been rendered into Hindi.)  I've only found the
Kalpadru. in its original Sanskrit.

     2.)  Could anybody recommend work done on the Kalpadru. (or any of
the poetic '-maalaa-s')?  So far I have not found much reference on even
the geographical and temporal contexts of this work.

     (I have seen Joel Tatelman's 10-12-97 response to this list,
pertaining to English renderings of the divyaavadaana, which is quite
helpful to me.)

     In advance, I am very grateful for any suggestions and guidance, and
thank you for your time and consideration.

Mark Froelich
Florida State University

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