Oriental Inst. Baroda (address request)

Katharina Malkawi KMalkawi at AOL.COM
Wed Oct 27 19:44:11 UTC 1999

I stayed in Baroda from March 1995 to December 1996. As far as I know, the
Head of the Oriental Institut became during this time Prof. Nanavati, my
teacher at MS University until then. I do not know, wether you have
information about a recent change. But anyway, I am sure, he is happy to help

Nanavati, R. I.
B 103 Rajlakshmi Soc.
Old Padra Road

Tel. - 328932

I do not remember the telephon code.
Please be so kind to let me know, wether you need my further help.

Sincerely Katharina

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