Unpublished ShikshAs

Peter Freund pfreund at MUM.EDU
Wed Oct 27 02:14:15 UTC 1999

    K. Parameswara Aithal, author of Veda-Lakshana:  Vedic Ancillary
Literature has created an enormous research resource, identifying all
the principal and peripheral texts (some 1650 in all) in the field of
phonetics and Vedic recitation.
    In the field of ShikshA alone, Aithal counts approximately 50
different texts published and (more or less) available.  Among the
unpublished ShikshA texts, he has brought attention in his introduction
to 18 Shiksha texts--he says, "I intend to take up the work of editing
the following (mostly unpublished) ShikshAs:"  He lists some very
interesting titles, including Atreya ShikshA, LaugAkshi ShikshA,
KaushikI ShikshA, CArAyaNIya ShikshA, and Svaravyanjana ShikshA.
    Has Dr. Aithal so far published any of these ShikshAs?
    Does anyone know his e-mail address or mailing address?

    Peter Freund

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