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In posing this question, Dr. Zydenbos has unwitingly vindicated Dr. Elst. As
an Indian, I know that many of my countrymen (including Hindutva-vaadis)
consider the opinion of western scholars more trustworthy than those of
Indians--> the result of a deep seated inferiority complex. And this is what
Dr. S. R. Rao had sought to dispel when he referred to 'these whites'.

Therefore, conjuring images of Nazism in this context by Dr. Zydenbos was
outright slander (arising out of a misunderstanding, if not malice), despite
his denials to the contrary last month. And so, the expose of Dr. Elst is
quite in place and justified. More so because the article of Dr. Zydenbos
falls within a pattern of slander of academics or non-Academics perceived as
sympathetic to Hindutva.

Discussion on AIT is banned on the list and so I will refrain from
commenting further on this issue although others might have done so.


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>The mystery is: why does Hindutva need foreign writers like Elst
 >and Gautier? And why do these persons lend themselves for this?

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