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     Gautier's dating of the RV as 7000 BCE is interesting.
     For more details, read F. Gautier's popular articles in India's
     major Indian newspapers appearing regularly.


Indian Express
Monday, October 25, 1999
Tell the Pope how Hindu he is [by] Francois Gautier
       Danielou notes that the Greek cult of Dionysius, which later
       became Bacchus with the Romans, is abranch of Shaivism:
       ``Greeks spoke of India as the sacred territory of Dionysius
       and even historians of Alexander the Great identified the
       Indian Shiva with Dionysius and mention the dates and
       legends of the Puranas''.

       French philosopher and Le Monde journalist, Jean-Paul
       Droit, recently wrote in his book The Forgetfulness of India
       that ``The Greeks loved so much Indian philosophy that
       Demetrios Galianos had even translated the Bhagavad Gita''.

       Many western and Christian historians have tried to nullify this
       Indian influence on Christian and ancient Greece, by saying
       that it is the West, through the Aryan invasion, and later the
       onslaught of Alexander the Great on India, which influenced
       Indian astronomy, mathematics, architecture, philosophy --
       and not vice versa. But new archaeological and linguistic
       discoveries have proved that there never was an Aryan
       invasion and that there is a continuity from ancient Vedic
       civilisation to the Saraswati culture. The Vedas, for instance,
       which constitute the soul of present day Hinduism, have not
       been composed in 1500 BC, as dear Max Mueller arbitrarily
       decided, but may go back to 7000 years before Christ, giving
       Hinduism plenty of time to influence Christianity and older
       civilisations which preceded it.
       This article gives the gist of Gautier's forthcoming book,
       `The Indian Origin of Things'

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