Learning Classical Tamil (was: buddhist sanskrit)

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 25 14:26:42 UTC 1999

>I would like to thank all those who were kind enough to come up with
>the details of the book I was looking for.  I am sorry nobody could
>come up with any suggestions for an earlier enquiry I made about
>learning Classical Tamil.
>Best wishes,
>Stephen Hodge

Dear Mr. Hodge,

Please contact Dr. John Ralston Marr whose address was provided
by Dr. Jan Filipsky, a Tamil scholar himself, to me once. If you find
out his email, pl. let me know that; In Europe, there may be 20
academics who know Tamil well enough. Dr. Marr is an expert in
Classical Tamil and in Carnatic music too, Daud Ali who did his PhD
on Cholas  teaches now at SOAS. S. Blackburn knows Tamil quite well
(more towards on folklore, middle & modern Tamil,) Zvelebil is in
France; Ulrike Niklas  just left Cologne to join an academic position
at Singapore; At Cologne, Dr. Thomas Malten; At Heidelberg, Dr. A.
Dhamodharan and Dr. Thomas Lehmann, At Paris,  Dr. J-L. Chevillard,
At Uppsala, Dr. A. Veluppillai & Dr. P. Schalk come to mind. Of course, at
Madras, the Inst. of Asian studies, another place to try will be Madurai.

Best wishes,
N. Ganesan

>I need the address of Dr. John Marr; Before retirement,
>he was with SOAS, that post went to Dr. Stuart Blackburn now.

Dr. John R. Marr is still active in London's Bhavan teaching
Indian music and other disciplines close to his heart.
His postal address is
Holme Farm, Woodham, Addlestone,
Surrey KT15 3TG, U.K.
I don't know if he has e-mail.
J. Filipsky

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