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> Fellow Indogisists:
> The central episode of the Bhagavata Purana and especially of
the tenth chapter, is the Raas Lila. This has considerable aesthetic
and religious implications. While the influence of the Tamil poets,
both secular and sacred (Aham and Alvar), is well known, were
there any other influences that have shaped this Purana? For
instance did the Sufis or the Tantrics shape the Raas Lila in any
> I will be grateful for any comments.
> Harsha V. Dehejia
I do not think that Raas Lilaa is the central theme of the Puraana,
or even of its tenth book. The said Puraana is an integration of
mythology, philosophy and poetry, and is woven around the central
theme of Vishnu as the supreme principle and his ten incarnations
for the rescue of the world from evil forces. The tenth book has an
epic character with Krishna and his exploits as its theme.
Proofs of the influence of south Indian devotional cults are found in
the text itself; but other influences are questionable.
KS Arjunwadkar/25-10-99

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