Sharada Script Translation

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Sat Oct 23 21:50:11 UTC 1999

Dr. Wujastyk
Thank you for the information about Sharada script.  I wasn't sure where to
find this text but I searched your archive and found Dr. Slaje who knew the
address of Dr. Wezler and I will get the text from him.  For your other
members, I was also able to find some historical reference and information
from the following website also: .
Thank you for your help,
Vijay K. Dhar

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> See
>         Walter Slaje, Sarada: deskriptiv-synchrone Schriftkunde zur
> Bearbeitung kaschmirischer Sanskrit-Manuskripte [Indische Schriften, Band
> 1] (Reinbek: Wezler, 1993).
> No PC fonts are known to me, though it wouldn't be hard to make them using
> METAFONT, working perhaps from one of the existing Devanagaris (Wikner or
> Velthuis).
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