Sindu river name

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Fri Oct 22 15:26:50 UTC 1999

> From Online Tamil Lexicon:
malaiyIntu = malai+ Intu (mountain date)
ciRRIntu = ciRu + Intu (small date fruit)
Also, IJcu, Iccam all stand for Intu (date fruit) in tamil.
"Intu", spoken out as "Indu", Tamil has a tendency to
drop out initial "c" or "s". (ceTTi > eTTi etc.,)

Dravidians might have named the region with lots of date trees
as cIntu (>skt. sindhu), the river that flows thru' Sindh
is also called Sindu.

Taking Sindhu river, Burushaski could have come up with
"sinda" to mean water??

--- Ruth Laila Schmidt < at EAST.UIO.NO> wrote:
> Turner, CDIAL # 13415 mentions the Burushaski word but regards it as a loan
> into Burushaski. The Dardic languages generally have sin, si-n, si-nd, send
> for 'river'. Prof. Witzel, have you any comment?
> With best wishes,
> Ruth Schmidt


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