Hindu numerals

Richard Quick richard_quick at QUICK2001.FREESERVE.CO.UK
Thu Oct 21 23:46:49 UTC 1999


Georges Ifrah - 'Histoire Universelle des Chiffres' - Published in England
as 'The Universal History of the Numbers' (ISBN 1-86046-324-x)- this has
tables of numerals in lots of Indic languages.

Karl Menninger - 'Zahlwort und Ziffer' - English ed. 'Number Words and
Number Symbols : a cultural history'(ISBN 0486270963)

Smith and Karpinski - 'The Hindu Arabic Numerals' - Ginn, 1911

Datta and Singh - History of Hindu Mathematics - Asia Publishing House,

Encyclopedia of Islam

You might also find something about the period 1000-1500 AD, or at least
some references in-
Allard, A.   (1991)   The Arabic origins and development of Latin Algorisms
in the Twelfth Century - in Arabic Sciences & Philosophy 1991 Vol. 1 pp.232-

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