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Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 13 12:36:05 UTC 1999

Arjunwadkar at MCMAIL.COM wrote:
<I also see that the huge project of A Dictionary of Sanskrit on
Historical Principles sponsored by the Deccan College, Pune is facing
a similar fate despite the foundational work of collecting references
from Sanskrit works to the tune of a crore (ten million).>

Palaniappa at aol.com wrote:
>Is this an etymological dictionary? If so, I would like to know if any
>Munda or Dravidian language specialists are involved in the project. I am
>interested especially in any information about any Tamil scholars (not
>Tamil Sanskritists) involved in the project. Thanks in advance.

    The fact that experts of Tamil historical linguistics and
lexicography are not included points to a big vacuum. Tamil lexicon
(produced in 1920s), DED, and Sanskrit dictionary accurately
analysing Dravidian loans, - all need to be brought uptodate.

   Long ago, F. Max Mueller recognized Tamil's place in his Prefatory
Note to the book, Hindu manners, customs and ceremonies by the
Abbe J. A. Dubois, OUP: "Nor it must be forgotten
that while the real revival of Sanskrit studies took place in
Bengal, the Abbe Dubois spent the whole of his life in the
Dekhan and in the Madras Presidency. He was therefore, as may
be seen by his translation of the Panchatantra, under the title
of Le Panchatantra ou les cinq ruses, Fables du Brahme Vichnou-
Sarma; Aventures de Paramarta et autres contes, le tout traduit
pour la primiere fois, Paris, 1826, a Tamil far more than a
Sanskrit scholar, and well acquainted with Tamil literature, which
hitherto has been far too much neglected by students of Indian
literature, philosophy, and religion."

Kind regards,
V. Iyer

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