Buddhism - Conceptual Doubts

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Tue Oct 12 01:28:40 UTC 1999

Dear Nanda

Not being qualified to remove your doubts, I'm referring you to others who

For a good overview of the central issues of Early MAdhyamika, cf.

Huntington, C., "The Emptiness of Emptiness: An Introduction to
Early Indian MAdhyamika", esp. Section 5, "The Emptiness of Emptiness:
Philosophy as Propaganda", 105-42.

For a useful approach to the whole business of Buddhist philosophical
speculation, cf.

Cabezon, J., "Buddhism and Language: A Study of Indo-Tibetan
Scholasticism" (Albany: SUNY, 1994).

For NAgArjuna's own attitude towards the beliefs of TIrthikas, ZrAvakas,
YogAcArins and others, cf. his

"BodhicittavivaraNa" in Lindtner, C., "Nagarjuniana: Studies in the
Writings and Philosophy of NAgArjuna (Copenhagen: Akademisk Forlag, 1982).
Note: Motilal Banarsidass have re-printed this.

When considering the great variety of definitions and concepts suggested
by an equally great variety of Buddhist scholars, it is perhaps worth
keeping one thing in mind.  It can be, and has been, argued that all these
definitions and concepts derive their meaning only from being used by a
particular group of people at a particular time.

Hope these leads help.

Regards  Richard Mahoney

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