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I intend to work about curses, enchantments and miracles in the Hindu

Muslim context in ancient India, particularly in the medieval times.

consideration of the extent of the literary sources, which can hardly

sifted through by myself I'd be grateful for any hint to texts,

etc. dealing with the above mentioned subjects, no matter published in

Sanskrit only. Thank you for any efforts.

The two following articles by me deal with the curse in Hindi
literature.  The notes will refer you to further

the Inexplicable: Uses of the Curse in Rama Literature. E. Kahrs (ed.),
Kalyå~amitråråga~am: Essays in Honour of Nils Simonsson, Oslo 1986

Changing Bodies: The Mechanics of the Metamorphic Curse, Acta
Orientalia 56, 1995.



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