dvija, dvijaati, etc.

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  Pl. try G. M. Carstairs, The twice-born, 1967

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> From: Tim Lubin <LubinT at MADISON.ACAD.WLU.EDU>
> Subject: dvija, dvijaati, etc.
> Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 13:52:12 EST5EDT
> I have been trying to figure out where the term dvija' /
> dvijAti first begins to appear referring definitely to *a member
> of any of the three upper varNas*, as distinguished from its use as a
> synonym for 'brahmin' or a label acknowledging the fact that one has
> undergone upanayana (but without clear reference to birth-status).
> By "early" I mean prior to the Manu Smrti, esp. the
> mantra-period-texts, brAhmaNa texts, lit. and the ritual
> sutras.


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