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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 7 18:40:40 UTC 1999

N. Ganesan:
>>Let me try one more time: Tolkaappiyar called Tamil
>>letters (k, c, T, t, p, R/.r) as "vallin2am" ('hard' consonants).
>>In addition, "mellin2am" ('soft' consonants) are G, J, N(.n), n,
>>m, n2 and "iTaiyin2am" ('middle' consonants) are y, r, l, v, z, L .
>>These 18 'mey' letters are the only consonants in tamil.

Nanda Chandran:
>Yes, I'm familiar with vallinam, mellinam and idaiyinam.
>But even as you say they are the only consonants in Tamil.
>- is the TolkAppiyam aware of the alphabet "ha"?

   Tamil grammar books does not have letters like
  ha or ga or gha. The "ha" letter you are writing about is the
  grantha letter used to write Sanskrit in Tamil Nadu.

   Tamil letter, "k" is pronounced as k or g or h depending
  on its position in a word.

   N. Ganesan

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