slander and peer pressure

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> Dear Amused KSA,
> Please accept my respects.
> According to the Bhagavat Purana, the Puranas and the ancient histories,
> which include the Mahabharata (in which Bhagavad-gita exists)are
> considered the fifth Veda.
> BP 3.12.39:
> "Then he [Brahma] created the fifth Veda-—the Puranas and the
> histories—-from all his mouths, since he could see all the past, present
> and future."
> Sincerely,
> AB

Although my study of Sanskrit literature is based on a critical and
historical approach, I have no quarrel with people whose outlook is
> From a critical point of view, metaphorical reference to
Mahabharata and similar works as the Fifth Veda is an indication of
the respect accorded to them by Indian tradition. Ayurveda,
Dhanurveda, Gandharvaveda are some more instances. The very
expression 'Fifth Veda' testifies to the basic character of and
traditional sanction to the Four Vedas.
Hope this would satisfy you.

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