slander and peer pressure

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> Dear Members,
> If you all will remember, in the second chapter of the Bhagavadgita Krishna
> is encouraging Arjuna to act.
> In verses 34-36, Krishna states that if Arjuna does not fight/act, he will
> basically be the victim of slander.
> By encouraging Arjuna in this manner, Krishna is, to use a modern
> expression, implementing the tool of 'peer pressure.'

I have discussed the multiple approach of Krishna to the problem of
Arjuna in my recent article on the Bhagavad-giitaa (second of a
series being published in successive issues) in the magazine,
'Yoga and Health', October 1999, published from UK. It touches,
among other things, the point you have raised. If you are serious,
you may have a look into the first article too which discusses the
nature of and appropriate approach to the text.
> I am wondering if you could say more about the role of honor, slander, and
> 'peer pressure' within the Veda-s.
I was amused to find you apparently think that the Vedic literature
includes the Bhagavad-giitaa. The Bhagavad-giitaa is part of the
archaic epic Mahaa-bhaarata by Vyaasa (Bhiishma-parvan, i.e. the
6th book, Adhyaayas 25-42). Incidentally, what do you think is the
extent of the Vedic literature?
Best wishes.
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