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Shourie, I thought was from Punjab and/or UP, it is not
unocommon to see names of Gods/Rsis became family names -Krishna, Vashishth,
Bharadwaj etc are examples..


>Dear listers,
>How is the last name Shourie as in Arun Shourie explained from
>Punjabi? Is it related to Kuru country?, k & sh are interchangeable
>in Vedic and Tamil (s/sh written in ta. as 'c')? Is it connected with
>kulUTa, ulUTa, kuli(/u)dhara in Vedas? How is panchAla toponym
>and pancha-jana in RV explained? In tamil, = plough share,
>u_lu = "to plough", u_lavar = farmer, ... (These words of farming
>are several orders of magnitude important in CT than nAJcil).
>N. Ganesan, PhD
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