Lecture by Arnold Toynbee in 1952

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Mon Nov 29 22:32:03 UTC 1999

I have examined S. Fiona Morton, A bibliography of Arnold Toynbee,
Oxford U.P., 1980, the section "All other printed material [than Study
of History]", years 1952-1956, and the index "Journals containing
articles by Toynbee," and have been unable to find anything. If you
could tell the subject I could also check the Subject and Geographical

A search of LC's OPAC, OCLC, and RLIN found no Philosophical Society
of Edinburgh University.  There was a Philosophical Society of
Edinburgh in the 18th c. of some distinction, but it does not appear
to have continued.  Was it merged or transferred into the Royal
Society of Edinburgh, whose Transactions were published through 1966?
However, in the 1840s the Transactions seem to cease to deal with
anything but the natural sciences. So this line of attack does not
look promising.

I would contact the Edinburgh University Library, George Square,
Edinburgh EH1 9LJ, tel. (131) 650-3384, fax. 667-9780, Email
library at ed.ac.uk.

Allen Thrasher

I would be grateful if someone could advise me as to how I may
procure a
copy of a lecture by the eminent British historian Arnold Toynbee.
The lecture is said to have been delivered to the Philosophical
Society of
Edinburh University in November 1952.
Mohan V. Chari.

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