Another (!) Subhashita search (the trouble with ali)

Roland Steiner steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE
Fri Nov 26 12:07:03 UTC 1999

On 23 Nov 99, at 3:52, Jan Brzezinski wrote:

> The trouble with ali as "bee" is, in what way does a
> bee characterize a type of sevakAdhama?

Cf. Somadeva´s Kathaasaritsaagara, Lambaka 10, Tara"nga 5,
stanza 118 (ed. Durgaaprasaad/Parab, 4th ed., Bombay 1930, p.
        av.rttika.m prabhu.m bh.rtyaa bhramaraas tarum |
        ajala.m ca saro ha.msaa mu~ncanty api ciro.sitaa.h | |
        ``Servants [leave] a master who has no means of livelihood,
bees [leave] a flowerless tree, and geese leave a lake without
water even after a long habitation."

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