Rg Veda etc.

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    I read the Contribution with great interest.  I am no historian, but I
get the impression that the contributor has a clear Sangh-Parivar aim of
rewriting history and uses data to do the same.
    I wonder why the contributor has not used any linguistic data.  The
similarity between the Indo-Aryan and the Iranian is explained away with
reverse migration theory.  But nothing is said about the vestiges of
Dravidian languages in North-West India, namely in Afghanistan (Brahui),
North-East and Northern Indian tribal dialects of Dravidian family.  The
earlier explanation of migration into India of the so called Aryans and
pushing the Dravidians to hilly areas of North-West, North-East and South
seem to make more sense.
    Could the contributor try to explain this?
Parmar, F.G.
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>        Any comments?
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