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Christian Coseru christian.coseru at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Nov 24 22:43:56 UTC 1999

Ulrich T. Kragh wrote:

>Dear List-members,
>I am in need of computer fonts for writing both diacritics as well as
>I am using a PC and have to write in MS Word 97 and MS Access.
>I have so far been using the Transliteration Vijay diacritics font, but
>have discovered that it is not fully compatible with MS Word 97, since the
>spaces between the letters are not recognized as such but as characters,
>which gives problems with line wrapping, etc.
>Can you share your experiences with me? Which fonts are the best to use
>with these PC programs?

If you are using MS Word 97 to type your documents then you could try John
Richards' Word 97 templates for writing both devanaagarii and diacritics.
The templates come with the Roman Sanskrit Serif TTF and CSX Devanaagari
font. I have not tested the devanaagari but for transliteration this is by
far the easiest and the most compatible solution.

You do not need any complicated key strokes for encoding, just the <Ctrl>

The templates and the fonts are available for free download from the
author's page at http://www.stackpole.freeserve.co.uk/sanskrit/

Christian Coseru
Faculty of Asian Studies
Australian National University

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