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John Smith jds10 at CAM.AC.UK
Wed Nov 24 16:04:42 UTC 1999

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Ulrich T. Kragh wrote:

> Dear List-members,
> I am in need of computer fonts for writing both diacritics as well as
> Devanaagarii.
> I am using a PC and have to write in MS Word 97 and MS Access.
> I have so far been using the Transliteration Vijay diacritics font, but
> have discovered that it is not fully compatible with MS Word 97, since the
> spaces between the letters are not recognized as such but as characters,
> which gives problems with line wrapping, etc.
> Can you share your experiences with me? Which fonts are the best to use
> with these PC programs?

I may be biased, since I built them, but I have the impression that the
CSX+ fonts are probably now the most popular ones to use on a PC. (Over
half of all downloads of electronic Mahabharata text are done in CSX+
format.) Since they are legal freeware, you might as well have a look at
them: go to the URL below (http://bombay...) and follow the link fonts =>

John Smith

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