Help with a samskr*t sloka

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 20 19:08:13 UTC 1999

Dear zubhASita specialists,

  can anybody gimme the samsr*t original of the zloka that goes as:

  "[despite] his father-in-law being the kind og the himalayas and the
god of wealth( kubera) being his servant, the lord of the world lives in a
crematorium on alms collected in his bowl".

( This is in praise of ziva)..

If of any help( and if my memory serves me correctly), this zloka connects
to another zloka which goes as:

  svayameva paJcavaktra: putrau gajAnana-shaDAnanau
   digambara: kathaM jivet annapUrNA na chedgr*he..


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