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Dear members of the list,

This request came to me today. Unfortunately I don't have all the answers.
Perhaps some of you can help. His email address is given below.

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Ruth Schmidt>>
>Envelope-to: edle.stang at
>Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 00:00:48 +0100 (CET)
>From: youri martini <youmar at>
>Subject: Mughal India
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>>            My name is Youri Martini. I am a student
>>of the last
>>course of modern history at the University of Genova
>>At the moment I'm getting together all kind of
>>materials and authentic
>>documents concerning the catholic churches and their
>>movement of
>>evangelization in India (XVI and XVII century) in
>>order to write my degree thesis.
>>My work is based on the analysis of  Gentilesimo
>>cofutato, a book
>>written by a benedectin monk, don Clemente Tosi, in
>>1669. I think
>>this text was used as a handbook by catholic
>>missionaries going to India.
>>The main problem is my own deep ignorance of the
>>actual location
>>of towns and provinces in the ancient India Mughal.
>>In addiction to it, the names of towns and provinces
>>as we find
>>them reported in Gentilesimo confutato are spelled in
>>ancient Italian
>>according to the way they were pronounced and not as
>>they were actually
>>written at the time and maybe nowadays as well.
>>I therefore find myself without any positive
>>geographical reference.
>>I enclose a list including all towns and provinces
>>quoted in the
>>book, in order to give You a more detailed idea of
>>what I mean.
>>Moreover  I'd like to have as many pieces of
>>information as You
>>can find, concerning the historical, economical and
>>political background
>>about the towns and provinces I mentioned above,dating
>>back to Aurangzeb's time.
>>Looking forward to receiving Your found answer .
>>Yours  faithfully
>>Youri Martini
>> -towns: Kabul, Chere Cullouv(=Sher Gulab?, Charikar?)
>>         Gorebonda(=?)
>> -town: Kandaar, Calabiche(=Qala Bist?),
>>Chusechunam(=?), Cazicham(or Grees)(=?)
>> -river: Sabaa(=?)
>> -mountain: Corazan(=Khorasan?)
>> -towns: Multan, Catzan(=?), Dukeen(=?), Durves(=?)
>>  (desert)
>>5)BAKER(=Bhakkar?, Baqir?)
>> -towns: Baker(=?), Seivan(=Sehwan?)
>> -towns: Tatta, Diul(=?)
>> -towns: Soret(=?), Ninovi(=Nadevi?), Cacha(=Katch?),
>> -towns: Cambay, Mangerol(=Mangrol), Patan, Diu,
>>Amadabat, Goga(=Gogha?),
>> Sarques(=Sarkhej?), Campanel(=Champaner?), Surat,
>>Goa, Bazain(Bassein), Dabul(=Dabhol?)
>> -towns: Chitor, Ratimpore(=Rathambhor)
>> -towns: Ieselmeere, Marum(=?)
>> -town: Ienupa(or Iengapor)(=?)
>> -town: Shrinagar
>> -town: Lahor
>> -town: Ienba(=?)
>> -towns: Attak, Assam-Abdal(=Hasan Abdal)
>> -towns: Sirynama(=?), Tanasar(=Thanesar?), Dely
>> -river: Setmego(=?)
>> -towns: Bando(or Biana), Mearta(=Merta?),
>> -mountain: Marva(=?)
>> -towns: Sarampore(=Serampur?), Sirange(=Shrangam?)
>> -towns: Ugen(=Ujjain?), Calleada(=?)
>> -river: Cepra(=Kshipra?)
>> -towns: Mandoa(=Mandu?), Hassare(=?),
>> Tualnere(=Thalner),Brodera(or Radiapore)(=Baroda?,
>> -town: Gvalior
>> -town: Gelmol(=?)
>> -towns: Agra, Duolpore(=Dholpur),
>>Fettipore(=Fatehpur), Secandra(Sikandra?),
>>Itay(Etawah?), Ilavas(or Halebasse)(=Allahabad?)
>> -towns: Cannove(=Kinaur?), Bikanaer,
>>Lacannove(=Lucknow?), Ouden(Audh?),
>>25)SENEBAL(or DO-AB)(=?)
>> -towns: Sambal(=Chambal?), Sansaram(=Sassaram?),
>> -town: Potan
>> -town: Nakarkar(=Nagatcot?)
>> -town: Behisur(=?)
>> -town: Harduavir(=Hardwar?)
>> -towns: Kakares(=?), Pulhora(=?), Dankaler(=?)
>> -mountain: Dalanguer(=?)
>> -town: Gor
>> -river: Perselly(=?)
>> -town: Peytan
>> -river: Kanda(=?)
>> -town: Karabatek(=?)
>> -town: Raipore(=Raipur?)
>> -town: Narnel(=Narnaul?)
>> -town: Iekanar(=?)
>>37)BENGALA(including twelve provinces)
>> -towns: Banaros(=Varanasi?), Patana(Patna?),
>>Rajamol(=Rajamahal?), Govro(=Gaur?),
>>Baligata(=Ballighat?), Katabro(=?),
>>Bulva(=?), Chatigan(=Chatgaon?), Siripur(=Sirpur?),
>>Tamboli(=?), Daka(=Dhaka), Solimanas(=?), Bacala(=?),
>>Satagan(=Satgaon?), Ugulim(=Hooghly?), Pequeno(=?),
>>Balassor, Pipli, Cateka(=Cuttack?), Aripur(=?),
>>Narsingapatan(=?), Mussulapatan(=Masulipatan),
>>Arcipur(=?), Midinimpur(=Midnapur?),
>>Ramaxandrapur(=Rajamahendri?), Ialassor(=Jalesar?),
>>Narangor(=?), Burdua(=Burdwan?), Banja(=?)
>> -river: Ader(=?)
>> -islands: Kandekan(=?), Sagor
>> -towns: Obatebal(=?), Deder(=?)
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