Kaladi and Sankara

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> One can find many names consisting of the place name and the given name in
> the list of Classical Tamil poets as well as the inscriptions. Consider
> iLaiyAn2kuTi mARan2 mentioned earlier in the thread.
> One can have the name like maturai mIn2AkSi even though there is no other
> famous mIn2AkSi (except may be Houston's :-))
> And there is no need to add any honorific suffixes to add to the name.
> Consider the case of tirunAvukkaracu (a veLLALa) and appUti aTikaL (a
> brahmin). appUti was such an ardent admirer of tirunAvukkaracu,
> he named all
> his institutions after tirunAvukkaracu. He even named his sons after
> tirunAvukkaracu. It was the oldest son mUtta tirunAvukkaracu who
> was bitten
> by a snake and tirunAvukkaracu sang a hymn to bring him back to
> life. (In a
> way, it was lthe reverse of the present situation where a non-brahmin is
> admiring a brahmin.) But no place name was used in tirunAvukkaracu's case.
> With respect to the other saint cuntarar, we find in SII 2, no.
> 65, tEvAram
> singers named after ArUran2 along with those named after campantan2, and
> tirunAvukkaraiyan2. Theoretically one can take ArUran2  to refer to ziva
> also. But considering the presence of the names of other two
> saints, ArUran2
> too probably referred to cuntarar. So, one need not have
> kAlaTimun2ivan2 or
> any similar form. A form like kAlaTiyAn2 would be fine too. It is
> fortunate
> that we have such an explicit identification in the case of Sankara.
> The reason for explicitly qualifying Sankara with kAlaTi could be the
> following. The name caGkaran2 is a popular one in the tirunelvEli district
> among brahmins and non-brahmins. The name refers to ziva at
> caGkaran2kOvil, a
> popular place of pilgrimage in the tirunelvEli region. (I do not have any
> epigraphic data on the temple.) It is possible that the father of
> kAlaTiccaGkaran2 wanted to indicate that the boy was being named after the
> human Sankara of kAlaTi and not the divine Sankara at caGkaran2kOvil.
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> S. Palaniappan

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