Parasol in India

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Wed Nov 17 19:34:04 UTC 1999

>If you study the pre-anthromorphic representations of the Buddha in
>Indian art, you will occasionally find a parasol representing the
>presence of the Prince Siddhartha.  One of the best examples of this
>is found on a panel of at least one of the toranas at Sanchi, the
>eastern torana, with its scene of the visits the young prince makes
>outside Suddhodhana's palace in a chariot. In this panel a court
>servant is holding a parasol over an "invisible" being, i.e., the
>prince who will eventually become the Buddha.  This is found in other
>art as well.

Exactly; I was planning to write about this! Million thanks
for those who shared their valuable insights. Hope others will
enhance what is said.

In a National Geographic book, in the section on India,
there is a nice painting where a ceylonese king, (Parakramabahu).
The king is having a party with lot of girls around;
There is a white umbrella help over the king there.

1)   Do the Pali and Mahayana works describe the royal umbrella?
What about Jain texts? Hemacandra?
2) Is this royal parasol common in Iranian and IE myths?

N. Ganesan

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