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Shauna Singh Baldwin sbaldwin at EXECPC.COM
Tue Nov 16 22:38:45 UTC 1999

Dear Indology Members:
I would appreciate if anyone has information on Noor-un-Nisa Inayat
Khan, alias Madeleine, who was born in 1912 at the Kremlin, of a
Christian Scientist American mother and a Muslim Sufi teacher of the
Tzar, grew up in Paris, became a WWII spy for the SOE and was eventually

tortured and killed at Dachau. Her father, Pir Inayat Khan, was from
Baroda. She was awarded the King George Cross in 1949.

So far I have found a couple of websites, one by a Princess Noor
Appreciation Society. Noor is given quite a lot of space in Leo Marks'
book, "Beyond Silk and Cyanide" and in William Stevenson's "A Man Called
Intrepid".  I've just received two books by Jean Overton Fuller, one a
(most admiring) biography of Madeleine, which however does not seem to
mention her connection with William Stephenson (Intrepid) at all. The
second book by Fuller is a prose poem called Conversations with a
Captor, based on an interview with Noor's captor at Dachau. I have
Noor's "Ten Jataka Tales" too.

Further recommendations will be most appreciated. If you have heard
of/read any fiction that is based on Noor's story, I would appreciate
knowing about it. When I find  more material I can figure out if I'm the
writer who can tell the tale.

Best Regards,

Shauna Singh Baldwin
What the Body Remembers ( Knopf Canada; Transworld UK; Nan
USA; Seuil France; Bertelsmann, Germany; Mondadori Editore, Italy. 1999)

English Lessons and Other Stories (Goose Lane, Canada 1996; Harper
Collins India, 1999)
A Foreign Visitor's Survival Guide to America (John Muir Publications
USA, 1992)

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