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Mon Nov 15 12:47:03 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Hodge,

In the beautiful book on maNDala from Shambala publications,
I remember seeing Tibetan maNDala made similar to what the
Saiva Sivachariyar priests do in their rituals at homes and temples.
I think there is mention of this in that book also. Pl. check
the works on tamil saiva siddhanta by H. Brunner etal., of the
French school of saivasiddhanta. Also, R. Davis, Ritual in an
oscillating universe.

For tantric worship among Tamil Smartas, take a look at
D. R. Brooks' writings. Of course, the Tirumantiram in tamil,
and tamil siddhar traditions (Zvelebil has written on them)
and saiva aagamas will shed more light. The Orissan material
and Southern material, in tamil and sanskrit,  should both be
included for a comprehensive analysis of tantra origins and

There is a famous .dAkinii, maNimekhalaa in Tibet; Tamil possesses
the only buddhist epic that survived in Indiam - maNimEkalai...

N. Ganesan

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