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Dear James,
Id love to see your work... will it be possible

Ramesh Singh Chouhan, MD PhD

At 03:26 PM 11/13/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I am editing a c.14th century Sanskrit text, the khecarIvidyA of AdinAtha,
>for my DPhil thesis. It concerns tantric and haThayogic practises,
>particularly the khecarImudrA.
>There is a section in the text which describes physical problems that may
>arise for the yogin who aspires to khecarIsiddhi. These are grouped into two
>types, those of bhaTa, "mercenary" or "soldier", and those of naTa, "dancer"
>or "actor". I have not found a similar pairing of these names elsewhere.
>They perhaps refer to the two different types of sAdhaka to whom the
>problems can occur.
>Monier-Williams (1899: 525) lists naTabhaTikAvihAra and naTabhaTikA, both
>meaning "temple of NaTa and BhaTa'', as Buddhist terms, with NaTa and BhaTa
>being two brothers who had the temple built.
>In HindI, bhaT can mean "misfortune, curse" (McGregor 1993: 757) while the
>Sanskrit root naT can mean "to hurt or injure" (M-W ibid.).
>Does anyone on the list know more about M-W's two Buddhist brothers or have
>any other ideas about bhaTa and naTa?
>James Mallinson,
>Balliol College,

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