Query: Etymology of sanskrit "aham - part 2"

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Fri Nov 12 14:50:14 UTC 1999

Dear Dr. Rm. Krishnan,

A small request. As this list or the field of Indology in general, is mainly
Sanskrit oriented (not even 2 or 3 Dravidologists around), it is probably
better to employ a standard transliteration for tamil. Cologne website follows
for their collection of tamil texts and online lexicon the following adapted
from the good old Madras University Tamil lexicon:

uyir(vowels): a A/aa i I/ii u U/uu e E/ee ai o O au
mey(consonants): k G/ng c J/nj T/.t N/.n t n p m y r l v z L/.l R/.r n2



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