Wilson and the Padma Purana?

Dr. Greg Bailey Greg.Bailey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Thu Nov 11 05:00:23 UTC 1999

Dear Ole,

As far as I am aware H. H. Wilson, translated no complete puraa.na other
than the Vi.s.nupuraa.na.

For the translation and eidtions of this and other Puraa.nas, the best
source is Ludo Rocher's exhaustive 1986 book on the Puraa.nas.


Greg Bailey

>Did the 19th century scholar H.H. Wilson translate the
>Padma Purana?
>How many different sanskrit versions exists of this
>purana and how many english translations?
>I have been told that the issue of versions of the
>Padma Purana is complicated by
>(1) the factor of the existence of isolated extant
>texts which claim to be supplements to the Purana and
>(2) the factor of verses that commentators over the
>centuries have quoted as being from the Purana that do
>not appear in any known extant text purporting to be
>part of the Purana.
>Also I am interested to find out if there is a
>"Upapurana" ie. subsidiary Purana, which bears the
>name of Padma Purana?
>Any information on this would be greatly appreciated,
>Thank you very much,
>Ole Alstrup
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