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John Smith jds10 at CAM.AC.UK
Thu Nov 11 15:32:31 UTC 1999

On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, GHOSE,LYNKEN,MR wrote:

> Dear Indology List Members:
> I'm looking for a complete version of the Nala story in the original
> Sanskrit (not transliteration). Does anyone know where I could find
> all 26 (or so) cantos?

If you connect to and register to use the
electronic text of the Mahabharata, you will be able to download Book 3
(the Aranyakaparvan) which contains the Nala story (3.50 - 3.78). The text
can be downloaded in different formats, including ISCII, which will appear
as Devanagari text when used with appropriate software such as CDAC's ALP
and iLeap programs, or Apple's Indian Language Kit.

Alternatively you can download it as CSX (Romanised) text, and use the
utility program mbh2dn to convert it into a form that can be printed as
Devanagari using TeX and the devnag package. Unfortunately mbh2dn will
only run on computers with Perl installed.

Apart from ISCII and Unicode, there is no standard way to represent
Devanagari and other Indian scripts on computers. If you have some other
format in mind, let me know what it is by email (to me, not to the list).

John Smith

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